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Based on 2009's critically-acclaimed feature film, Black Dynamite, the new 30-minute Animated Series will premiere in the spring of 2012. The Black Dynamite Animated Series further chronicles the exploits of the central character, "Black Dynamite", and his crew. Under the direction of Carl Jones (The Boondocks), the Series features the voice talent of Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson, Kym Whitley and Byron Minns, all of whom starred in the feature film. The feature film is an outrageous action comedy-spoof that follows ex-CIA agent and full-time ladies man, "Black Dynamite", who's out to avenge the death of his brother against kung-fu masters, drug-dealing pimps and The Man.


Episode 0 - Pilot or The Trouble on K-Street

Episode 1 Jackson Five Across Yo' Eyes

Episode 2 "Bullhorn Nights" or "Murder She Throats"

Episode 3 "Taxes and Death" or "Get Him to the Sunset Strip!"

Episode 4 "The Dark Side of the Dark Side of the Moon" or "A Crisis for Christmas"

Episode 5 "Panic on the Player's Ball Express" or "That's Influenza!"

Episode 6 "Elvis Was a Hero to Most" or "Weekend At Presley's" Aka "The Sh*t That Killed the King"

Episode 7 "Apocalypse, This!" or "For the Pity of Fools" a.k.a. "Flashbacks Are Forever"

Episode 8 Honky Kong or White Apes Can't Hump

Episode 9 TBA

Episode 10

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