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Best Animal Pictures Of 2012

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by , 12-11-2012 at 09:46 AM (4664 Views)

A sloth gatecrashes a holiday snap in the jungle. The youngsters were on an International Student Volunteers expedition and had been helping cut paths in the dense woodland on Costa Rica. After completing their back-breaking charity work, they decided to have a group picture taken as a keepsake. But what they didn't expect was this inquisitive sloth slowly lowering himself down into the frame as the group posed for the camera. Manuel Ramirez, who is an anthropologist and tour guide for International student volunteers, had decided to take the snap, but he was not aware that a fame hungry sloth was waiting above.

This stunning photo shows the moment a herd of elephants disturbed hundreds of red-billed queleas, small birds that weigh just 10g each, at a watering hole in East Tsavo, Kenya.

The seven-week-old German Shepherds are being groomed as the next generation of canine crime-fighters for West Midlands Police. The cute and fluffy dogs are being taught to be "obsessed with toys" to assist their training for this very serious job.

This remarkable image, called 'Gannet Jacuzzi' was the winner of the 2012 British Wildlife Photography Awards. The image was shot by Dr Matt Doggett at a remote location off the north coast of Scotland.

Anzac the joey and Peggy the wombat became best friends after sharing a pouch together at the Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre in Victoria, Australia. Worker Lisa Milligan said the unlikely friends are comforted by each other's movement and heartbeat.

This incredible photo shows an otter appearing to seek guidance by praying. The snap was taken by Hertfordshire-based photographer Marac Andrev Kolodzinski. Marac had to wait over two hours in the freezing cold before he captured the moment.

This sleepy dormouse has been rehomed in a coconut shell after he was rescued from a tea shop. He was scooped up by a visitor and taken to the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre, near Highbridge in Somerset, where he promptly went into hibernation. The snoring mouse was woken briefly when famous author Sir Terry Pratchett visited the centre to launch a £4.4 million Call of the Wild Appeal for a new animal hospital. Charity founder Pauline Kidner said the mouse occasionally woke briefly for a catkin snack before nodding off again.

Two green turtles, Shelley and Casey, share a 'high-five' underwater. The photograph was taken by Australian snapper Troy Mayne, 39, at Moore Reef, on the Great Barrier Reef. He has written a series of 20 books featuring the turtles and Wally the Maori Wrasse.

Roly Poly, the overweight hedgehog (right) got so fat he could not roll into a ball. He is pictured here with a normal sized hedgehog (left), He has been put on a diet after ballooning to twice his normal size. The portly hedgehog was officially declared to be obese after gobbling huge bowls of cat food.

Staff at an animal charity have named an abandoned blind cat Stevie Wonder because the pet loves playing the piano. Animal carers believe the six-year-old moggie - who was found in a garden - craves pushing his paws on the keys because the sound helps connect him to the outside world. When the musical cat was found he was flea-ridden, suffering from worms, had a hernia in his stomach and both of his eyes were missing. Vets at Wood Green animal shelter in Godmanchester, Cambs., who are caring for Stevie, are unsure whether his eyes were surgically removed or he was born this way.

A cheeky owl gives a Simon Cowell-style wink to the camera. Wildlife photographer Mark Hancox snapped the Little Owl giving the X Factor judge's trademark gesture. Mark, 48, waited for four days in a specially-built hide just yards from a rusty metal pole the owl used as a perch. He said: ''I took a few snaps and suddenly he shut his left eye in a winking motion - it was amazing.''

A school of dolphins become fascinated by a penguin at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, in California. Fozzie, the African penguin, was busy minding his own business when his antics suddenly proved mesmerising to one of the dolphins. Before long he was joined by a friend, and then another, and then another. Nancy Chan managed to capture all four dolphins seemingly entranced by little Fozzie, who seems oblivious to all the attention.

"Eyeballs", was captured after residents claimed the wild eagle owl had been terrorising residents, attacking a gardener and a poodle. The wild animal had been welcomed into the home of one resident in the village of Northam, Devon, and would hop around his living room but the owl soon turned nasty.

A mischievous marmot has a taste of life on the other side of the lens. Tired of being photographed, the cute creature took the opportunity to take some pictures itself after spotting an unattended camera. Stefan Meyers, was taking photographs of the alpine marmots in Grossglockner, Austria's highest mountain, when the bizarre scene unfolded. The 67-year-old from Germany looked on intrigued as the notoriously shy creature approached his camera, stood on its hind legs and looked through the lens. Stefan quickly grabbed his friend's equipment to capture the moment and was shocked further still as other marmots later joined in the fun.

Aye-aye captn!: Spangles, the crossed-eyes kitty, became an internet sensation after his owner, 25-year-old Mary Buchanan of South Carolina, regularly posted photos of the three-year-old cat in a variety of different costumes to Facebook.

Buggy hell! These ants look like they need a change of career from worker ants to circus ants as they perform a series of daredevil tricks. The incredible stunts range from balancing giant seed pods from a Mimosa tree above their heads to dramatically clinging on to each other in diamond formation on a tiny plant. The images were taken by Eko Adiyanto, 40, who used a special macro technique to get up close and personal with the creatures.

A diver coaxes a high five out of a shark. Eli Martinez, 40, was interacting with the apparently laid-back lemon shark in the balmy waters off the coast of The Bahamas. The normally ferocious fish swam straight towards the Texan, before turning at the last second and leaving her outstretched fin for the high five.

Fancy a dip? This cheeky giraffe takes a dip in a swimming pool in Tanzania to cool off from the hot weather. Workers at the Kilimanjaro Golf and Wildlife Estate said the giraffe thinks he's a cross between a guest and a horse and is often up to mischief trying to play football, polo and taking a dip in the swimming pool.

A cheeky squirrel shows he's nuts about photography and attempts a self-portrait. Keen wildlife photographer Dennis Greenwood, 50, captured the lovely shot while his friends were setting up their own equipment. He took the pictures in a garden near Hawes, North Yorks, after he was tipped off about the budding photographer.

This extraordinary picture captures the moment a harmless gannet seems to be being stalked by a ferocious shark. As the oblivious bird gently paddles across the waters surface it looks like a sinister shadow is rising up from the deep like something out of the film Jaws. But in fact the shadow was actually a trick of light and what looks like the moment a bird becomes lunch is actually just its own shadow. The photograph was taken at the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam by amateur photographer Joe Beerens, 55, from Holland.

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  1. frostyoldgal's Avatar
    I think they are all neat, but my fave is the elephant one!!! Thanks for the wonderful pics.
  2. Tikki's Avatar
    Thanks for the interesting pictures! My favorite pictures have got to be the upside down sloth and the Squirrel with the camera!
  3. Savvy's Avatar
    I love the joey and the wombat, uber cute.

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